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We’ve just received the feedback forms from TED HQ that many of you filled out online, and we’re very pleased to say they’re overwhelming positive. In fact 85% of the respondents marked the event as “Brilliant”, which we’re very chuffed with, of course. Thank you!

There was also some useful constructive criticism, with quite a few of you saying you felt the lunch break was too long. We agree, and will work out a way to make it shorter in the future. One person did complain about the free goody bags not being good enough and that they couldn’t understand why they were being given free world-class tea. You can’t please everybody!

All the speakers were mentioned as favourites, but here’s a few choice quotes:

“Ben Hyde – incredible talk on fun, everything you want from a speaker who had real passion to share an idea.”

“Justin Lewis – An amazing speaker with some truly interesting points which I can take away and read up on further.

“My other favourite speaker was Johnathan Sheperd. What he has achieved with such little cost in Cardiff is inspirational. It gives hope to us all that simple ideas can make massive differences, if we only have the get up and go to do something about them.

“John Haskell – Atlantic Dash. Real human experience and inspiring that an “ordinary” individual can achieve amazing results.

“I was incredibly inspired and moved by John Haskell’s story and really made me think of what we are truly capable of when we put our minds to it and make a difference in this world!! I thought he was a natural speaker and had me captivated throughout his talk!! Ben Hyde really made me think differently after his talk and the easy moto he lives by YES LETS is amazing, very fun attitude and again truly inspirational and encouraged me to have more fun at work and in my life it radiates out.

“The Rev Lionel Fanthorpe was amazing – having heard him on the radio in my youth I knew he was quite the storyteller, but he was really spellbinding in person – and without notes!

We’ll be taking all your thoughts, suggestions and criticisms on board with a view to making sure our next event is better. We’ll leave you with a selection of the kindest thoughts from those who attended. Thanks to all who made time to fill in the forms.

“All of the speakers were from such varied backgrounds, it really felt like you were being educated as well as entertained. It was really an enriching experience.

“Friendly, like minded people. It’s one of the only events in Cardiff in this kind of area that is open access to all. The setting was fantastic, and it allows all disciplines in science, technology and inspiration to come together in one place.

“The structure of it and it was very well organised. The choice of speakers aimed at everybody. I can’t wait for the next one!!

“It was organised very well and seemed no effort at all. The speakers seemed genuinely pleased to be there and there was a good atmosphere throughout the day. It was good to meet the speakers over lunch and see the kids’ pictures on the balcony. And be able to talk some more about the dogs’ skulls.

“The venue. The togetherness. The desire from all for it to be a success.

“Talks and the venue were first class

“Everything. The venue, the speakers, the hosts = brilliant & inspiring day.

“It really gave an opportunity to think about lots of different things. Very inspiring!

“Very excited about the next one. I am hooked, thoroughly enjoyed and met some amazing people!! Incredibly inspiring!!

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