Announcing… Edward Gomez

DSCF0613 (Medium)Since childhood Edward has been fascinated by astronomy. When he realised that he could use maths and computers to do fun things with astronomy, he knew he was hooked for life. He never grew out of it and now he’s lucky enough to be a professional astrophysicist. As part of Edward’s role with LCOGT he tries to find novel ways to engage the public in astronomy. This has taken the form of creating citizen science projects like Agent Exoplanet, interactive educational web apps like Star in a Box, and online community events like Show Me Stars.

The global education hub for LCOGT is based in Cardiff University where Edward is an honourary lecturer/adjunct faculty in the School of Physics and Astronomy. One of the enjoyably parts of this position is supervising BSc. and MPhys. level undergraduate projects. He currently has 4 project students investigating extrasolar planets. In addition, he is part of the Schools Engagement Team and assist with the outreach of the university. We have recently been awarded funding by the Welsh Government‘s National Science Academy to run the programme Universe in the Classroom, inspiring children and teachers with Universe in a Box kits and stellar role models, across Wales.

Edward co-chairs the IAU task force for children and schools, under the guidance of the Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD). Their aim is to help people in astronomically developing countries to engage with and inspire children and teachers.

Currently Edward is working at how we make our global telescope network accessible to the general public and what tools we need to make the most of its potential.

Edward regularly appears on the BBC radio wales programme, Science Cafe and has served as guest judge for the national Debating Matters competition. EHe enjoys engaging with the public and has been lucky enough to do it in several pubs with Ignite Cardiff and Bright Club.

Edward loves music and plays the lute. Part of him thinks that makes him closer to a renaissance astronomer, like Galileo.

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