Announcing… Briony Goffin

Briony GoffinBriony Goffin teaches creative writing at Cardiff University & is a specialist in facilitating creative writing experiences for vulnerable and marginalised adults and young people. Her work has taken her into schools, hospitals, prisons, rehab clinics, care homes, art galleries, inner-city community centres, rural village halls, on steam trains and seaside piers.

She has run writing courses and one-off sessions for the NHS; Cardiff Council; Literature Wales; Age Cymru; HMP Parc; the Sisters of Saint Joseph; Cardiff People First; Ffotogallery; West Somerset Railway; and Sky Arts at The Hay Festival. She has published widely on the art of teaching creative writing & supporting the student writer to fulfil their creative potential. In 2012, she was awarded ‘Inspirational Tutor of the Year’ by NIACE Dysgu Cymru.

Briony grew up in rural Somerset. She now lives with her partner in central Cardiff and runs courses and workshops in and between South Wales and the South West of England.

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