2017 Speaker

Chris Griffiths

Get out of the habit of concentrating on just ‘getting stuff done’ and into the practice of ‘getting it done better’. Chris Griffiths will draw on his own extensive observation and experience to introduce a single insightfully practical concept that will empower you to overcome challenges by thinking ‘differently’. ​

Chris is the founder of OpenGenius, the company behind the iMindMap and Droptask tools that have been used by millions worldwide. He has authored two Amazon bestselling books that have been sold in over 15 countries and translated into seven languages. He is responsible for a network of over 600 innovation trainers worldwide and has personally facilitated ideation sessions for many businesses, governments, and humanitarian events, including the Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates.

Innovation comes from doing things differently, not from firmly sticking to what has worked in the past. Before we unleash our creative energy on finding new killer ideas, we need to challenge the assumptions we’re making now and throw away the ones that may be holding us back. Chris will discuss a simple way we can do this. @GriffithsThinks