2017 Speaker

Dilys Price OBE

Have you ever felt like your life was travelling in the wrong direction but that it’s too late to do anything about it? At age 54 that’s exactly how Dilys felt. She was anxious, stressed, disconnected and searching for her purpose but then something happened that changes her entire outlook as well as her future.

Using examples from turning points in her extraordinary life, Dilys Price OBE explains how through facing her fears she was able to find her purpose and make a difference to not only herself but to thousands of people.

Now aged 84, Dilys story serves as an inspirational reminder that life really is for living.

Dilys Price is an 84 year old grandmother who, as a single parent with a young child, forged a career in Modern Dance in Higher Education and on retirement founded & ran the business & charity , Touch Trust. This started from her kitchen and now has nearly ½ a million turn over. Dilys licensed the program, trained hundreds to teach the life saving, unique stress release & life enhancing program, and has the joy of knowing that it is received by over 1000 adults and children with special needs weekly. ​

Dilys has received an OBE for her work work and also two Lifetime Achievement Awards for work in Diversity & for Care in Wales (including the Inspire Wales Award for significant contribution to the Arts in Wales ). She was also awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Cardiff Metropolitan University (her old college). For Touch Trust, Dilys also obtained a place as one of the seven Artistic & Creative organisations in the prestigious & iconic Wales Millennium Centre. ​

Dilys is a woman who wants to enjoy the wonderful world and support others to do the same…….That is where her energy comes from. Her ethos is:

if you fall off your bike, get back on & do wheelies

find the jewel in the sh*t

get a passion

be kind to as many as you can, as often as you can, to whomever you can ,where ever you can, in any way you can. ​

The old cliché is worth remembering “Life is not a rehearsal” ​