2020 Speaker

Morten Kabell

Morten Kabell is an urbanist, former politician and advocate for bikes, green transport and life-sized cities. All his adult life, he has been politically active, locally to improve the city of Copenhagen and move towards a mobility model less dependent on cars; and internationally to spread the knowledge about sustainable and resilient cities.

Kabell was member of the City Council of Copenhagen for 20 years from 1998 to 2017. During the last term, he served as Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs, thus political responsible for urban planning, environment and climate, utilities, and smart city solutions.

During Kabell’s term as mayor, Copenhagen set new records in cycling as a mainstream mode of transport with 62% of Copenhageners and 43% of all commuting being done on two wheels.

Kabell left politics at the elections of 2017 and joined in 2018 Copenhagenize Design Co., where he was CEO until the beginning of 2020. Kabell is also Member of the Board of Advisors for the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities at the World Research Institute. He has previously been board member of companies like Greater Copenhagen Utilities and Copenhagen City and Port Corp. In May 2019 he accepted a position as board member of Bycyklen, the city bike share programme in Copenhagen.

Kabell has from February 1st been co-CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation.

Morten Kabell is born and raised in Copenhagen, but is currently living in Brussels. He is an avid reader of science fiction and alternative history.