2020 Speaker

Neil Sartorio

Neil is a strong believer that we live in a world that is sub-optimal compared to art of the possible. He has a lifelong passion regarding the power of public services to deliver real life-enhancing outcomes. Working through the years in Government, Consultancy & the Third Sector he has led thinking and then implementation of reimagined local public services. Central to this belief is that taking a citizen-centric approach can develop stronger and safer communities for all.

Outside of his partnership at a global consultancy, this passion has led him to get directly involved in three social enterprises that focus on building aspiration and opportunity in some of the most vulnerable parts of our country. The latest venture is In-House Records, an award-winning record label run by prisoners that Neil is co-owner and director. This initiative has led to delivering reduced violence in the prisons it operates, a zero re-offending rate and the ability to turn intervention into prevention through its work with the London Gang Exit programme.